Al-Zahraa Weekend School

Islamic Shia Ithan Ashari Sunday School in New Orleans




Al-Zahraa School Rules:
(Click on Link below for a printable version of School Rules)

Disciplinary Sheet:
(Click on Link below for a printable version of Disciplinary Sheet)


The purpose of rules in the daily life is to PREVENT any accidents or unfavorable situations from occurring.  Every place has a code of rules and they must be followed by all members, at all times to avoid conflict.  Take a look at the street rules: Everyone must follow traffic light rules by stopping at a red light, slowing down on yellow and passing on green.  There are no excuses not to follow these rules.  They must be followed whether you are in a rush and whether you like them or not, in order to prevent accidents from happening.  Similarly, school rules are set for the benefit of all of us.  It is only when all of us follow rules that we will set a peaceful environment conductive to learning and promoting Islamic behavior.



1.      For the safety of the students, all side doors will be closed.  Parents, Teachers & Students must Enter & Exit from the MAIN ENTRANCE of the IMF Center 

2.      Students must FOLLOW school hours, 11:00 AM to 3:10 PM, NO student may leave early or be Dismissed without notifying the School Administration in Advance.



1.      Come to class on time.

2.      Be receptive to learning.

3.      Have a positive attitude and respect the ideas, opinions and feelings of others.

4.      Always behave and speak in a respectful manner to the teacher and other students.

5.      Listen to others and wait your turn to be heard by raising your hand.  No Calling Out!

6.      Use proper language with no vulgar words or expressions.

7.      Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.

8.      No gum chewing, food or drinks allowed during class time.

9.      Bathroom and water breaks may be taken only during recess time.  You may not interrupt class time to go to the bathroom or drink water.

10.  NO cellular phones allowed at all.  If you have to contact your parents, you may use the phone provided by the school.  This means ABSOLUTELY NO CELL PHONES are to be seen.  You MAY NOT text message or use cell phones to call.



1.      Proceed immediately to the Masjid at the sound of the bell.

2.      NO fighting, wrestling, or floor play while waiting for Salat time.

3.      Sit in your spot and wait to hear the Athan.

4.      Pray Ja’ma’ah by following the Imam of Salat.  This is part of the school curriculum.

5.      No disruptions such as eating, laughing or talking.  Be respective of Salat time.

6.      Remain seated after each Salat to participate in Duaa reading and listen to any announcements.

7.      You may dismiss after reading Duaa al Hujja together after Salatul Asr.



1.      Play nicely and safely with others by taking turns.

2.      No pushing, hitting or touching others.

3.      No vulgar language or improper actions

4.      Dispose all of Trash in trashcan.